AsciiDoc-Bootstrap 3.2.0 has been released

AsciiDoc-Bootstrap 3.2.0 has just been released. This is the last version of year 2013.

Behaviors changes :

  • AsciiDoc callouts feature used badges rather than images.

  • totop attribute does not have values anymore. Sets for UI behavior and unset for text behavior.

New backend features :

  • New favicon attribute to specify a favorite icon, if any.

  • New tocaffix attribute to use Bootstrap affix plugin.

Upgrades :

  • Upgrade Bootstrap and Bootswatch Themes to latest version 3.0.3

Published by Laurent Laville on 2013-12-20

AsciiDoc-Bootstrap 3.1.0 has been released

AsciiDoc-Bootstrap 3.1.0 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

AsciiDoc features added :

  • CSS signature.

  • Optional additional CSS stylesheet.

New backend features :

  • Open Blocks allows to write blog, releases or features pages.

  • Ability to use all Pygments styles (globally or locally).

  • Add an inline macro to represent an icon.

  • Upgrade Bootstrap and Bootswatch Themes to latest version 3.0.2

  • New rssref attribute to specify a RSS feed in output document.

  • Admonition Block support text, images and icons font.

Published by Laurent Laville on 2013-12-03

Admonition Block behavior has changed

11 months ago, when I decided to integrate the ShaKeSPeaR’s request change styles for admonitionblock, make it as bootstrap alert-block, I thought is was a very cool idea.

Now that this backend support icons font such as Font-Awesome, the initial implementation is a bit restrict.

So, I’ve added ability to use icons font to draw image of admonition block. You are free to use any icons you want.

Of course, text captions and images standard behaviors are kept.

Here are some basic icons font examples :

A simple icons font NOTE, using the Font-Awesome icon info-circle.
A simple icons font TIP, using the Font-Awesome icon lightbulb-o.
A simple icons font WARNING, using the Font-Awesome icon exclamation-triangle.
A simple icons font CAUTION, using the Font-Awesome icon exclamation-circle.
A simple icons font IMPORTANT, using the Font-Awesome icon minus-circle.

All explanation, about three categories (text captions/images/icons font) can be found in handbook.

Published by Laurent Laville on 2013-12-02