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PHP_CompatInfo : The Definitive Guide

Part III. Reference Guide

Table of Contents

11. API - Application Programming Interface
Parsing data sources
Parser options
12. PHP version history
PHP_CompatInfo::loadVersion - Load components list
13. Observers
PHP_CompatInfo::addListener - Registers a new listener
PHP_CompatInfo::removeListener - Removes a registered listener
14. Parsing data sources
PHP_CompatInfo::loadVersion - Load components list
PHP_CompatInfo::parseArray - Parse an Array of Files
PHP_CompatInfo::parseDir - Parse a directory
PHP_CompatInfo::parseFolder - Alias of parseDir
PHP_CompatInfo::parseFile - Parse a single file
PHP_CompatInfo::parseString - Parse a string
PHP_CompatInfo::parseData - Parse a data source
15. Parser infrastructure
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::PHP_CompatInfo_Parser - Parser Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::setOutputDriver - Set up driver to be used
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::addListener - Registers a new listener
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::removeListener - Removes a registered listener
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::notifyListeners - Post a new notification to all listeners registered
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::loadVersion - Load components list
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getDirlist - Returns list of directory parsed
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getFilelist - Returns list of files parsed
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::getIgnoredFiles - Returns list of files ignored
PHP_CompatInfo_Parser::parseData - Parse a data source
16. Renderer infrastructure
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer - Base Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::factory - Create required instance of the Output 'driver'
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::update - Update the current view
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::startWaitProgress - Initialize the wait process
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::stillWaitProgress - Update the wait message
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::endWaitProgress - Finish the wait process
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer::isIncludable - Checks if in the include path
17. Array Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Array::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Array - Array Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Array::display - Display final results
18. Csv Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Csv::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Csv - Csv Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Csv::display - Display final results
19. Html Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html - Html Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html::display - Display final results
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html::getStyleSheet - Returns the custom style sheet
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html::setStyleSheet - Set a custom style sheet
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Html::toHtml - Returns HTML code
20. Null Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Null::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Null - Null Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Null::display - Consumes output events
21. Text Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Text::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Text - Text Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Text::display - Display final results
22. Xml Renderer
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Xml::PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Xml - Xml Renderer Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Renderer_Xml::display - Display final results
23. Command-Line version
constructor PHP_CompatInfo_Cli::PHP_CompatInfo_Cli - Command-Line Class constructor
PHP_CompatInfo_Cli::run - Run the CLI version
PHP_CompatInfo : The Definitive Guide v 1.8.0 : August 1, 2008