Growl logo What is Log_Growl ?

Log_Growl is a driver for PEAR::Log package. This driver enables you to outputs log events directly on the desktop with the Growl notification system for Mac OS X.

What is Growl ?
Growl lets applications unintrusively tell you when things happen. You can know much more on visit official web site at

What makes Growl different from other debugging methods ?
All data is sent via UDP to a listener application running on background as a unix daemon. This means that the debugging data will not interfere with the content on your page. Avoid echo, var_dump, print_r, that you could use/add and forget to remove once your debugging step is over !

Know more about the birth of a driver

Long time ago, I was jealous of Bertrand Mansion, author of many good packages, and especially PEAR::Net_Growl; see also it's page project

Jealous because I didn't worked on Mac OS, but I love the Growl notification system.

I've search a lot over the Net to find a compatible Windows solution. I primary found this post about Snarl Windows Notification API, and I though my quest was over. But it was a great disillusion !

Snarl for PHP is not yet available.

I've concluded to let down to find a cool tool to allow to receive on my windows desktop any application log events.

3 Years later my dream became a reality.

I found Growl for Windows a Windows-compatible version.

Special Thanks to Bertrand, without who this Quest wouldn't finished with a Happy End


Growl 0.1.0 features supports.


Supported Platforms

Operating System independent.

Supported Browsers


System Requirements

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