changelog Changelog

2009-04-05 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.5.1 (stable) released

  • single or dual shape is now well commented when using setComment()
  • Improve unit test suites (for PHPUnit 3.2+) with code coverage closest to 100% (99.81)
  • Upgrade HTML_Common dependency from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5
2009-02-15 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.5.0 (stable) released

  • copyright bump to 2009
  • fix dependencies
  • remove dreprecated function (setJsElement) since version 1.3.0
  • rewrites JS in object literal notation (uses namespace)
  • add two new buttons to move up to top or down to bottom a selected item
  • add a minimized/compressed version of Javascript code; uses getElementJs()
  • may now load options (class constructor) with fancy attributes without additional code
  • qfams_custom_3.php show that it's now possible to define one or more item (preselected) that cannot be remove by end-user
  • setElementTemplate() function signature changed (but keep BC) : allow to use only one instance of javascript code
  • remove embedded version of TDG (The Definitive Guide) now it was included in the new PEAR
  • new example qfams_custom_9.php show how to handle fancy options attributes (disabled, style:color background-color ...)
  • handle of persistant options at run-time (see new methods: getPersistantOptions, setPersistantOptions)
  • PEAR_Error instance throws have now a level (exception or error) and a code identified by HTML_QUICKFORM_ADVMULTISELECT_ERROR_INVALID_INPUT constant
  • Old User Guide 1.4.0 that was previously included in past releases, was removed. The most up-to-date documentation is now part of the new PEAR Manual.
  • Add unit test suites (for PHPUnit 3.2+) with code coverage closest to 100% (97.30)
2008-04-26 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.4.1 (stable) released

  • Fixed bug #13680 : XHTML - Need to create a distinct id for all checkboxes
  • All examples uses a custom submit-element template to make them XHTML compliant.
2007-06-09 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.4.0 (stable) released

  • No code changes since previous version, but license change from PHP 3.01 to BSD.
  • Manual license Creative Commons version upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0
2007-01-08 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.3.1 (stable) released

  • fixed invalid path to javascript file into getElementJs() method
2007-01-06 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.3.0 (stable) released

  • fixed closing html-styles tags that raised a warning in all examples
  • copyright notice bumped to 2007
  • license fixed to PHP 3.01
  • use namespace for CSS and JS
  • setJsElement() is marked as deprecated, since rewrite of JS (external file) with namespace
  • more placeholders into template to support new feature : Live Counter
  • getElementJs return now content of external JS to avoid BC break
2006-04-08 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.2.0 (stable) released

  • Added feature for a dual multi-select boxes to toggle a selection. Already exists in release 1.1.0 but only with a single select box.
  • Added new example (qfams_custom_6.php) on custom category : demonstrate toggle button ability
  • License was upgraded from PHP License 3.0 to 3.01
2005-12-01 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.1.0 (stable) released

  • Added 'select/unselect all' as new feature
  • Added ability to toggle a selection
  • Added new example (qfams_custom_7.php) on custom category : demonstrate extended buttons feature (select all, select none, toggle selection)
  • Uses server side validation, and addGroupRule() to validate the QFAMS element into template 1 example (qfams_template_1.php)
  • Fixed custom 4 example (qfams_custom_4.php) and avoid notice error with QuickForm 3.2.5 We should use addGroupRule() with a QFAMS element.
2005-09-01 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 1.0.0 (stable) released

  • Fixed bug #5216: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  • Fixed two other problems with array and foreach(), bug #5216 related
  • Added @example tag to have ability to display (highlight) source code
  • Added @link tag to have ability to display a screenshot (PNG image)
2005-08-05 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 0.5.1 (beta) released

  • Fixed bug #4993 (typo error in javascript::updateHidden() function)
  • Added @since tag on initial functions release 0.4.0
  • Added param name on each @param tag
  • Added @link (for screenshot), @example (for source code) and explains on getElementCss() method
  • Added @link (for screenshot), @example (for source code) and explains on setButtonAttributes() method
  • Added @link (for screenshot), @example (for source code) and explains on setJsElement() method
  • Added ChangeLog, and NEWS files to the package
2005-07-25 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 0.5.0 (beta) released

  • Add auto sort feature asked by Jamie Alessio. Add also the ability to arrange list with two buttons (Up and Down) by user-end.
2005-06-25 - HTML_QuickForm_advmultiselect 0.4.0 (beta) released

  • default template got a td vertical alignment for a better render (due to hidden select box).
  • lowercase all JS event attributes for XHTML compliance.