ppu logo What is PEAR_PackageUpdate ?

PEAR_PackageUpdate (PPU) is designed to allow developers to easily include auto updating features for other packages and PEAR installable applications. PPU will check to see if a new version of a package is available and then ask the user if they would like to update the package. PPU uses PEAR to communicate with the channel server and to execute the update.

PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web is a web/html frontend for PPU. It is designed to be used by web packages and applications that want to include auto-updating features. See also PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2 proposal that was already accepted and allow a PHP-Gtk2 frontend.

PEAR_PackageUpdate, PEAR_PackageUpdate_Gtk2 and PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web, are available via PEAR, which offers high quality PHP packages for many purposes.

Scott Mattocks was the first and only leader on PPU when proposal was accepted officially by the PEAR community.
Until he proposed me to help him and I became a second package leader while in same time the PPU web frontend was called for votes. Finally PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web proposal was accepted too, as a second option/frontend for PPU, on may 8th 2006.



Supported Platforms

Operating System independent.

Supported Browsers

Only for PEAR_PackageUpdate_Web

System Requirements

See Download tab to know minimum and latest versions of each resource (mandatory, optional).

Mandatory resources:

Optional resources: