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HTML_Progress2 : The Definitive Guide

Part II. Getting Started

Table of Contents

4. Introduction
5. Quick Start with HTML_Progress2
Strategy of handling
6. Indeterminate Mode
Basic usage
Progress Monitor usage
7. Listener
Events categories
How to observe events ?
8. Quick Start with HTML_Progress2_Monitor
Basic concept
Default render
Default improved render
Sigma template engine integration
9. Quick Start with HTML_Progress2_Generator
Basic concept
Default render and css skin
Template integration
10. How to to implement an AJAX Progress Bar
Design details
Progress bar HTML design
Handle polling loop
Refresh progress bar
Examples (full source code)
11. How to to implement an AJAX Upload with Progress Bar solution
AJAX with PEAR package HTML_AJAX
HTML side
Server side
Examples (full source code)
HTML_Progress2 : The Definitive Guide v 2.4.0 : April 20, 2007