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HTML_Progress2 : The Definitive Guide

Chapter 8. Quick Start with HTML_Progress2_Monitor

Table of Contents

Basic concept
Default render
Default improved render
Sigma template engine integration

The HTML_Progress2_Monitor class allow to display a progress bar into a dialog box. Renders are customizable by QF rendering system , and both mode determinate/indeterminate are supported. Process may be stop at any time by user action (click on Cancel button).

In three following examples, we will learn how to change layout easily, and observe changes values with new observer pattern (PEAR::Event_Dispatcher).

Basic concept

Design pattern apply the same HTML_QuickForm_Renderer architecture. So it's easy to change presentation of a progress monitor.

Belong presentation aspect, we don't forget that progress monitor allow also to observe changes through the observer pattern (same interface as progress meter), with: addListener() and removeListener() methods.

There are 8 renderers available since release 3.1.1 of QuickForm. The following template engines are directly suported: Smarty, HTML_Template_Sigma, HTML_Template_IT, HTML_Template_Flexy.

Among these 8 renderers, we will have a look on all basic concepts with 3 examples in next sections: default, default improved, sigma template integration.

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