changelog Changelog

2009-02-19 - PEAR_Info 1.9.2 (stable) released

  • fix encoding character in credits page for Sérgio Carvalho and Stig Sæther Bakken
  • improve render and display index only when there are packages (in main page)
  • add a counter of installed packages for each channel (in main page)
  • improve render and did not display maintainers empty list (in credits page)
2009-01-09 - PEAR_Info 1.9.1 (stable) released

  • additional fixed for CLI output about request #14543
  • add more unit tests to improve code coverage from 61 to 82%
2008-10-19 - PEAR_Info 1.9.0 (stable) released

  • Implement request #13741 : show list if potential config files
    see my comment of 2008-10-12 15:58 UTC for more details and usage examples
  • Implement request #14543 : Beautify output with some additional links
2008-04-18 - PEAR_Info 1.8.0 (stable) released

  • No changes since 1.8.0a2
2008-03-28 - PEAR_Info 1.8.0a2 (alpha) released

  • CLI print PEAR_Info package version (-V | --version) without help usage
  • fix wrong location of shell script pearinfo on all platforms
2008-03-23 - PEAR_Info 1.8.0a1 (alpha) released

2008-01-17 - PEAR_Info 1.7.1 (stable) released

  • license upgrades from PHP 3.0 to PHP 3.01
  • removed test/OutputTestCase.php (new feature include since PHPUnit 3.1.4 see PHPUnit ticket 157)
  • add optional dependency to PHPUnit 3.1.4 (minimum)
  • fixes for bug #12576 : clarify license on temporary unit test code
  • API is now fully PHPUnit 3 tested
  • Full (public) API is documented into PEAR Manual
  • PEAR installer minimum set to 1.5.4 (to avoid security vulnerability)
2007-07-17 - PEAR_Info 1.7.0 (stable) released

  • class is fully tested with PHPUnit 3
  • removed trigger_error, but not replaced by PEAR_Error (as suggested). Will output the error at display() method call.
  • docs and website teams are empty and will not be display on credits page.
  • definitively removed support of PEAR 1.3.x
2007-07-10 - PEAR_Info 1.7.0RC3 (beta) released

  • Credits page is now customizable with PEAR_INFO_CREDITS_* constants
  • You may have a standalone html page (default behavior) with PEAR_INFO_FULLPAGE or just part of html code related to information wanted ; Easy to include in your own pages
  • new method that give PEAR members list (president, group, docs, website)
2007-07-02 - PEAR_Info 1.7.0RC2 (beta) released

  • Raise a USER FATAL ERROR instead of a simple USER WARNING when both config files (user : system) does not exist.
  • Fixes for bug #11489 : Configuration file warning
2007-07-01 - PEAR_Info 1.7.0RC1 (beta) released

  • Full compatibility with PEAR 1.3.x, PEAR 1.4.x, PEAR 1.5.x
  • Easy change look and feel with a simple CSS file
  • Show packages dependencies list
  • HTML page output is XHTML compliant
  • Introduce a full and flexible configuration system to show only information you want
  • Show channel list
  • Show maintainer inactive status in Credits page
  • Support REST 1.0 protocol
  • Drop support of package xml 1.0
  • Minimum PEAR version required is now 1.4.11
  • Minimum PHP version is now set to 4.3.0
  • Fixes for bug #6050 : PEAR version displayed as Array instead of version number
  • Fixes for bug #8165 : Error on code
  • Fixes for request #7741 : new feature and pear 1.4.x full compatible
  • Fixes for request #10815 : Quick list of packages