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PHP_CompatInfo : The Definitive Guide


Table of Contents

Organization of This Book

Organization of This Book

This book is divided into three main parts, they are:

  • Introduction

    This section contains a gentle introduction to what PHP_CompatInfo is and has to offer. Included is general information about installing and using this PEAR package, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Getting Started

    This section is intended to provide a quick introduction to get started understanding, installing, and running the bundle examples.

  • Reference Guide

    This section describes every API in the PHP_CompatInfo package. The description of each function may contain some or all of the following parts:

    • Synopsis

      Shows the structure and prototype of the function.

    • Description

      Gives a description about what the function does.

    • Parameter

      Describes each parameter for the function along with the paramater types and names. Both required and optional parameters are listed.

    • Returns

      Describes the returned value, if the function doesn't fail.

    • Throws

      Describes the returned PEAR_Error objects, if the function fails.

    • Note

      Additional notes and information about the function. An example note would be if the function can be called statically.

    • See

      Links to other related functions or manual entries.

    • Example

      An example use of the function or class.

PHP_CompatInfo : The Definitive Guide v 1.8.0 : August 1, 2008